I grew up in southern California for most of my adolescent life. When I was 15 my mom retired and she, my dad and I moved to West Plains. All throughout middle school and high school, my favorite classes were the ones that focused on anatomy and physiology. I loved learning how the body worked! My favorite week would be the one when we got to dissect something. It gave me the opportunity to see how awesome a “machine” the body truly is! During my senior year at West Plains High School, I enrolled in the Health Occupations class to learn even more about the human body. In 1995, through the Healthy Occupations class, I earned my Certified Nurses Aid certification.

In 2005 I felt a need to help people become healthy. It was in 2006 I earned my Certified Fitness Trainer certification. I worked with several clients and help them become stronger, faster, and fit. In that same year I began teaching Healthways SilverSneakers Classic class for seniors and realized just because you get older doesn’t mean fitness and health are any less important. While it felt good to help these people become healthier, something was missing. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled from this; my clients health were getting better but only to a certain point. I knew there had to be more.

In 2010 I began working at Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Center as the Lab Administrator. I was now in a new position to help people become healthier. Through diagnostic testing we are able to see how one’s body is functioning on the inside and we could suggest to the patient how to treat certain ailments naturally. And while this was an excellent tool, it still wasn’t enough for me. One day in 2011, Dr. Cammie suggested that I look into the Naturopathic Doctor program through Trinity School of Natural Health. I did and I signed up. I knew this was that extra “something” I have been looking for.During my studies with Trinity I have learned how to treat our body’s ailments with the natural resources that the Lord has given us, I have learned how to keep our bodies healthy, and I have learned why we need to keep our whole body running efficiently and healthfully. In 2015 I will further my education not only with the ND program through Trinity, but also by attending their Certified Natural Health Practitioner program.

When I first decided in 2005 to help people become healthy, there was just a flicker of desire to help others to not be overweight and to enjoy life. As I continue learning, that flicker has become a flame of passion to help people to not just SURVIVE life, but to THRIVE! I have a desire to educate our patients as to why they want their bodies working as God intended and why it is so important to know what we are putting into our bodies. I am always excited to discuss with our patients any supplementation, testing or nutrition concerns they may have. I truly believe that it is easier to stay well than it is to get well and we can only do that by taking our own health into our own hands and learning what works for our bodies. Knowledge is power, everyone should want to empower themselves!